The Tempest

written by

William Shakespeare

directed by

Philippa Booth

performed at

The Wimbledon Studio Theatre

31 October to 4 November 1995

The Tempest Poster

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Directors Notes

from the programme

Alonsa, Queen of Naples?

We have Alonsa, Queen of Naples, her sister Sebastienne, Prospero's sister Antonia and Trinculo plus of course Ariel... all female. This is not some deep artistic design by the director. It is simply whom we have. Who is available for this production. Who is good for these parts.

I do not think this affects these characters to any significant extent. Perhaps a male/female combination for Antonio and Sebastian would put a whole new emphasis on their plotting, but not if they are both female. We nearly had a female Prospero. That might have been more interesting.

Why Prospero is on the island

Prospero was Duke of Milan but was so rapt in study that he left his little sister Antonia to do all the work. Little Sister Antonia was doing all the work of being Duke so decided why not be the Duchess? Little Sister Antonia went to Queen Alonsa of Naples and said: Get rid of Big Brother Prospero for me and I'll give you tribute.

Queen Alonsa of Naples sent thugs by night to dispose of Prospero and with him his heir, three year old Miranda. Queen Alonsa, not wanting to arouse the hatred of the loving populace of Milan, did not have Prospero and Miranda murdered, but set them off to sea in a leaky dinghy.

An old mate of Prospero's, Gonzalo, gave them provisions, clothes and, most importantly, MAGIC BOOKS which Prospero could do MAGIC with.

Prospero and Miranda were cast ashore on an island - fortunately inhabited by spirits suitable for Prospero to do MAGIC with... And Caliban.

caliban again?

Why Caliban is on the island

Caliban's mother was the witch Sycorax. His father may have been the demon Setebos. Not a good start in life. Sycorax was kicked out of Argier for being so wicked. The sailors from Argier actually deposited her on the island. Caliban was born here. His mother left him the island when she died. Prospero came along and took over. Caliban naturally thinks this a bit unfair. But then, didn't Sycorax do the same years before? Surely the island belongs to Ariel and the other spirits?




Spirits have no bodies or clothes, but they know that humans have use for such things. When dealing with humans, they politely appear with bodies and clothes as they feel it is expected. But having little understanding of such unneedful items, they quite often make errors of judgement in their choices of body and garb.

Spirits are free-living entities and resent being forced to do someone's bidding. Perhaps one day they can be rid of these pesky human creatures.

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in no particular order

Prospero - rightful Duke of Milan ~ Michael Jeffrey
Miranda - his daughter ~ Georgina Gunn
Antonia -his sister & wrongful Duchess of Milan ~ Elizabeth Newbery
Alonsa - Queen of Naples ~ Val Foskett
Ferdinand - her son ~ Richard C Broughton
Sebastienne - her sister ~ Clare Inglis
Adrian - a lord of Naples ~ Bill O'Brien
Francisco - a lord of Naples ~ Mike Purvis
Stephano - a servant of the Queen ~ John Gargrave
Trinculo - a servant of the Queen ~ Donna Horsey
Gonzalo - an honest old councillor ~ James Grayston
Boatswain - a boatswain ~ Dani Razabi
Ariel - a spirit ~ Annette Piper
Spirits - also spirits ~ Jayne Blumire
Suzanne Davis
Rochelle Ferguson
Jane Lewis
Cindi Savage
Dani Razabi
Caliban - a savage and deformed slave ~ Paul Robinson

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in no particular order

Producers ~ Clare Inglis and Sunil Manghani
Director ~ Philippa Booth
Music ~ 'The Keynotes' - Praveen & Sunil Manghani
Stage Manager ~ Sarah Hewitt
Assistant Stage Manager ~ Eve Manghani
Set and costume design ~ Philippa Booth
Wardrobe ~ Louise Jeffrey
Props ~ Philippa Booth and Dani Razabi
Set Painting ~ Philippa Booth
Lighting ~ Sarah Hewitt
Shipbuilder ~ David Freeman
Artwork ~ Philippa Booth
Box office ~ Penny Stone
Front of House ~ Pat Bryant
Programme ~ Simon J Harris
Web Page ~ Simon Harris (updated by Matthew Petty in 2005 and 2007)
spirits in the waves

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backstage larks

Photo - tempest1

Caliban - Paul Robinson

Photo - tempest2

Ariels - Annette Piper, Jayne Blumire, Suzanne Davis, and monkey

Photo - tempest3

Alonsa - Val Foskett

Photo - tempest4

Miranda - Georgina Gunn and Ferdinand - Richard C. Broughton

Photo - tempest5

Prospero - Michael Jeffrey

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