Outside Edge

written by

Richard Harris

directed by

Debbie Fowler

performed at

The Colourhouse Theatre
Watermill Way, off Merantun Way, Colliers Wood, SW19 2RD

Tuesday 15th - 17th & 19th August 2006

Outside Edge Poster

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what's the story?

Outside Edge - a perfect summer's evening comedy. Love or hate cricket it doesn't matter because it's all about the characters:

Roger desperately tries to assemble a team to play against BR Yeading East

Bob dodges his ex and his wife Ginnie, who's busy soaking up the sun and the Valium.

Alex and his 'hysterical' nymphet girlfriend, Sharon

Dennis the ageing Casanova

Maggie 'mothers' her tiny but lethal Kevin

and last but by no means least, Roger's wife Miriam, the long-suffering champion tea-maker ... that is, until she uncovers his little 'secret'...

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Ticket Prices and Booking

reserve by phone, then pay on the door

TICKET RESERVATIONS: 07967 386791 or 07958 516299 (reserve, then pay on the door)


Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
7.45pm no performance 7.45pm
8.00 no performance 8.00
(6.50) no performance (6.50)

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come and see on the night!

Roger ~ Mike Norman-Smith
Miriam ~ Kate Rogers
Kevin ~ Andrew Candish
Maggie ~ Ruth Brooks
Bob ~ Jeff Graves
Ginnie ~ Annette Piper
Alex ~ Jason Rodericks
Sharon ~ Louisa Court
Denis ~ James Grayston

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all the backstage help

Director ~ Debbie Fowler
Producer ~ Jeff Graves
Stage Manager ~ Cindy Graves

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