The Lion in Winter


James Goldman

Performed at The Chapterhouse, Merton Abbey Mills, July 1998

directed by Val Foskett

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Artwork by Russell Thompson

A troubled royal saga: the monarch is ageing, but who should succeed?

There are three princes, but is the eldest really suitable?

One royal marriage may be at an end, another may never take place...

... and what about the sex scandals?

Sounds familiar - but the year is 1183...

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alt filler More than just good friends? King Philip of France (Mike 'Bob Dave' Davis) and Richard of England (Richard Broughton). Tapestry design is by Jayne Blumire.

alt fillerFamily portrait... Philip of France together with his sister Alais (Emma Ridler)

alt fillerThe Three Princes... Geoffrey (Andrew Smith), John (Michael Ahmad) and Richard (Richard Broughton). Tapestry of Geoffrey (Henry II's father) by Jayne Blumire.

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King Henry II (Tony Strong), his mistress, Alais (Emma Ridler) and wife, Eleanor (Kate Rogers).

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