The Killing Of Sister George


Frank Marcus

Directed by

Georgina Gorham and Tony Strong

Performed at

The Colourhouse Theatre,

Merton Abbey Mills,

August 2000

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The Killing of Sister George

The Killing of Sister George was first performed in 1965 and was an immediate critical and commercial success, resulting in a film version being released in 1968.

Its main idea - the 'killing' of a character in a radio soap opera called Applehurst - was original at the time of writing. Today it is equally relevant, when popular characters from TV soaps have become so much a part of our lives that campaigns are mounted by the tabloid press when a character leaves. It has even been known for questions to be asked in the House of Commons! How audiences in 1965 responded to the subject of a lesbian marriage caused no problems as the writing skillfully combined brilliant situation comedy with poised, ribald and quick witted characters.

The Guardian called the play: "...not only sportingly funny, but sometimes alive with true feeling."

The Daily Mail observed: "When a play is both witty and macabre it is genuinely called a black comedy. The Killing of Sister George is something more, namely a funny tragedy - powerful, pitiful and extremely well written."

The Times wrote: "This is the best comedy by a new writer to appear in the West End for a very long time. It is also a good index of the genuine changes that are taking place in popular comedy."

The Cast

Alice "Childie" McNaught ~ Kate Mitchell
June Buckridge
(Sister George)
~ Val Foskett
Mrs Mercy Croft ~ Eve Manghani
Madame Xenia ~ Annette Piper
Radio broadcast ~ John Gargrave
Tony Strong
Mike Tierney
Penny Stone

The Crew

Directed by ~ Georgina Gorham
Tony Strong
Sets built by ~ Mike Tierney
Elizabeth Hawes
Stage Management by ~ John Gargrave
Lighting Design by ~ Sarah Hewitt
Sound by ~ Simon Harris
Applehurst theme arranged
and performed by
~ Baxters Cat
Publicity and
Programme design by
~ Kristen Bowditch
James Derbyshire
Dialect Coach ~ Mike Tierney


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Sister George Welcomes you to Applehurst.

Come with her on a photographic tour of the production

You can click on any of the thumbnail photographs for a larger picture, then click 'Back' to return here.

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June Buckridge comes home from work early after a difficult time at rehearsals to find partner, Alice ("Childie") still at home.

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As a punishment for causing June ("George") unnecessary aggravation, Childie is forced to eat the butt of June's cigar.

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George polishes her trophies... 'Miss Humanity... Nominated by the Daily Mail'

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Mrs Mercy Croft comes to visit, admonishing George for her behaviour in a taxi with two novitiate nuns. Things come to a head over tea and drop-scones.

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George calls in Madame Xenia, the psychic from next door. She asks Xenia to use her powers on an envelope she has stolen from Mrs Mercy's bag.

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Once she knows she's not the most popular person in Applehurst any more, and is being written out 'for a few episodes', George stays up all night fretting

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Childie is up early to queue for ballet tickets, to find George still up

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As Childie leaves, George grabs Childie's scarf, which she doesn't recognise, and assumes she's having an affair with the neighbour.

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Later, things have got more friendly and George and Childie rehearse their Laurel and Hardy act for the party.

... and if you want to know what happened next, you'll have to watch the film!

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