What The Butler Saw

written by

Joe Orton

directed by

Kristen Bowditch

performed at

The Colourhouse Theatre

July 2001

What The Butler Saw Poster

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Doctors Notes

I have been a big fan of Joe Orton's ever since my mother made me repeatedly watch the film version of Loot . Either she wanted me to grow up a bank robber, funny, or gay. I am sorry to say I disappointed her on all counts.

What The Butler Saw was the last play that Orton wrote shortly before his violent and untimely death in 1967, and was performed posthumously.

It's a satirical examination of pop psychology, gender bending, mistaken identity and lunatic logic. A breakneck farce, where few manage to keep their heads whilst those around them are losing their clothes. It's full of the most ridiculous plot twists, unlikely liaisons and naiveté ever seen on stage, but it's a work of pure anarchic, anti-establishment genius for all that.

We have updated some of the references (hence vitality pills have become Viagra, and health scheme became NHS) and we didn't exactly follow Orton's stage directions to the letter, we added quite a few visual gags of our own, but over thirty years later, please don't take this the wrong way, we hope we have stayed true to Orton's vision and that this play still manages to shock you. If you go home having been entertainingly outraged, then we have done him proud.

It only remains for me to say this (and let's face it, you're probably only reading this because you got here fifteen minutes early) the cast had six weeks to rehearse this and never in the history of Carlton Dramatic Society has so much been achieved by so few in so little time.

Kristen Bowditch, Summer 2001

p.s. Sorry about the crayon, they don't allow sharp objects in here.

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The Cast in Order of Insanity

ian Dr. Prentice Ian Ward
a Psychiatrist diagnosis: masochist
lucy Geraldine Barclay Lucy Duncan
an employee of the Friendly Faces Employment Agency diagnosis: Shirley Templeitus
val Mrs. Prentice Val Foskett
a nymphomaniac diagnosis: outrageous woman
graham Nicholas Beckett Graham Parks
a Pageboy employed at the Station Hotel diagnosis: compulsive liar
mike Dr Rance Mike Tierney
a mental doctor diagnosis: considerable deviation overlap
jeff Sgt Match Jeff Graves
a representative of Order diagnosis: fixated on his helmet

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The Crew

Director ~ Kristen Bowditch
Stage Management ~ Cindy Graves
Sue Lovelace
Props ~ Cindy Graves
Jeff Graves
Elizabeth Hawes
Costumes ~ Georgina Gorham
Lighting ~ Carl Whiteside
Sound ~ Simon Harris
Matthew Petty
Program Design ~ Kristen Bowditch
Publicity ~ James Derbyshire
Front of House ~ Penny Stone & Friends

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Special Thanks from the Director to the following

Mugshots ~ Matt
'Immortalising the cast in a series of pornographic studies' (she still has the negatives) ~ Jane Lewis
Trussing the cast up ~ Straitjacket Sue
Transport ~ Graves Transportation Ltd
Rehearsal Space ~ Whiteside rehearsal rooms (very reasonable rates)
Gentlemens' apparel ~ James Grayston
Helping out ~ Sarah Hewitt

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Butler Rehearsals
Mike Tierney and Ian Ward
Butler Rehearsals
Ian Ward and Val Foskett
Butler Rehearsals
Graham Parks and Val Foskett
Butler Rehearsals
Lucy Duncan and Ian Ward
Butler Rehearsals
Ian Ward and Mike Tierney
Butler Rehearsals
Mike Tierney and Ian Ward
Butler Rehearsals
Mike Tierney and ... something
Butler Rehearsals
Mike Tierney and Lucy Duncan
Butler Rehearsals
Jeff Graves, Lucy Duncan, Ian Ward and Mike Tierney
Butler Rehearsals
Jeff Graves in usual state
Butler Rehearsals
Val Foskett and Mike Tierney
Butler Rehearsals
Graham Parks, Jeff Graves and Ian Ward
Butler Rehearsals
Graham Parks, Ian Ward and Mike Tierney

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